Rich Stroffolino

The lunatics at Lomography made a new 110 camera

Lomography often gets chided by some in the film photography community. The rub is usually something like they make cheap overpriced cameras for hipsters and rebrand Kodak films at a markup. And while the company’s brand is more focused on casual and experimental users, I think this whole perception does a grave disservice to their place in the film community.

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The company just released a new 110 film camera. It is not overstating it to say that the 110 film format only still exists because of Lomography. They are the only company producing the film at scale. Up until now that kept old 110 cameras in use. But now they are helping to keep the camera supply available. And while the cameras aren’t dirt cheap, the prices seem fair for a brand new camera with warranty with a decent amount of features. And just look at it! Lomography has never lacked for style, but the Lomomatic 110 looks a step above their usual efforts.

As I said in my review of the Lomo LC-A 120, Lomography continues to invest significantly in R&D, on both the film and camera supply side. The past few years have seen an explosion of DIY and 3D printed camera. These are great, but rarely come with something like a warranty, and often still rely on vintage lenses or other parts to really work. 110 film might not be my thing, but it’s really impressive to see Lomography invest significantly in what can only be described as a niche within a niche.

I’ve got something of a soft spot of 110 cameras. My family wasn’t into photography, so we had a number of these simple 110 point and shoots growing up. The whole format wreaks of nostalgia for me. I remember playing with one, firing the shutter with the back open to see how quickly it would open and close.

Two years ago I pledged to focus on buying new cameras as a way to further support these efforts. This almost necessitated I go with Lomography. I’ve bought the LC-A 120 and LomoGraflok (to use with my Cameradactyl Rex). I’m now more focused on trying to reduce my camera kit for more focus, I’m more than happy to keep supporting this company, especially when I see them investing like this. I’m assuming this makes some sort of business sense for them, but I’m grateful for these film lunatics.