Rich Stroffolino

Libraries are the last video store

Not that we need another example of why libraries rule, but I recently realized it’s the last place I can go to get an experience of going to a video store. Growing up the Cleveland Public Library system always had VHS movies to rent, but the selection was spotty with usually only a single copy, so you’d be on a waiting list for anything popular. Years ago my local library bought up the movie collection of a local video store going out of business. So in an instant you had multiple copies of pretty current DVD and VHS releases. Impressively, they’ve kept up their acquisitions. I recently picked up the Barbie Blu-Ray. They had several copies across formats. I can keep it for three weeks rather than pay for a month of Max to watch it (or pirate it). My five-year old daughter doesn’t know quite what to make of the shelves packed with movies, although she was disappointed in their lackluster Pixar collection.