Rich Stroffolino

Celebrities on Social

I’m speaking from total ignorance here, but how big of a factor is this with social networks?

She also met talent agents at Creative Artists Agency and United Talent Agency as well as A-list celebrities in Hollywood last month, as the platform tries to win high-profile entertainers to boost engagement.

Like I get that all platforms these days work in some way with their top users, obviously in their interest. I know Meta had celebrity commitments before the Threads launch.

Cox said the company already has celebrities committed to using the app, including DJ Slime, and was in discussions with other big names, including Oprah and the Dalai Lama.

I have context for how common this kinds of celebrity outreach is. For Threads it makes sense to want to have it filled with big names at launch, avoid having the empty room problem. But Twitter… is old. Everyone knows about it. Does Snapchat do this kind of outreach, beyond influencer partnerships? Organic use by celebs was THE use case on Twitter, why so many consumed their feed. Maybe these kind of talks are extremely common and we just have no context. But that struck me as odd.