Rich Stroffolino

VanMoof Goes Bankrupt

Well that happened quick, a court declared VanMoof bankrupt. Where does this put bike owners? It doesn’t sound great:

For VanMoof owners, the company says its e-bikes “will remain functional and rideable, as we aim to keep our app and servers online and aim to secure the ongoing services for the future.” It also confirms that all repair work and deliveries of parts is currently stopped, and that repaired and un-repaired e-bikes at shops in the Netherlands will eventually be made available for riders to pick up.

One of the constant criticisms of VanMoof’s bikes was its proprietary parts supply chain. Now bike owners are locked out of repair parts, and hoping that the company can keep its “aim” of keeping its servers online. While I think a sale is likely given their considerable customer base, it also likely means a buyer would have to convert those customers into revenue, ie a subscription for previously free services. Would suck for customers but I guess better than losing access to their bike.