Rich Stroffolino

No Dignity in Journalism

I’m assuming Martin Pengelly went to a good school, studied hard, worked his way up through newsrooms to get to be the breaking news editor for The Guardian. Then he found himself writing this:

Twitter owner calls Facebook founder a ‘cuck’ as rancour grows over launch of Threads, a competitor to Musk’s network

Twitter owner Elon Musk has suggested he and Mark Zuckerberg should have “a literal dick-measuring contest” in the latest broadside aimed at his rival billionaire.

In a message inspired by the Meta chief executive’s launch last week of Threads, a Twitter competitor, Musk added a ruler emoji.

Using a slang word for “cuckold”, popular in rightwing circles as a term of derision, he also wrote: “Zuck is a cuck.”

Threads is a legitimately interesting development. Any platform that grows to 100 million users in a week in a gigantic story. But now we get the pabulum always associated with Musk. Somehow this makes him challenging Zuck to a fight quaint in comparison.